Purple now available on LVR !!!???

  1. Thanks for the info once again Siri! :heart:
  2. my pleasure:smile:

    If anyone wants a giant violet work they should grab it quick!

    I am holding out for a city with RH:nuts:
  3. You're a doll! :heart:

    I am waiting for the RH City too and a First Jaune (my first first, lol)
  4. Two great choices! Best of luck in finding both:yes:
  5. Just ordered one! Thanks so much for posting, siri anne. I'm now going to e-mail customer service just to make sure that it really is available. :nuts:
  6. :yahoo:Fantastic:yahoo:

    Please let us know what customer service says:yes:
  7. Yes, siri anne, I should have added that - I'll be sure to let you know what they say! :smile: Kay
  8. Also, for all of the U.S. girls, when you order from lvr, the euro amount will be less than what the retail price is showing - when you start to checkout, the VAT tax will be deducted from your order. My gh violet work is 1,079.17 Euros ($1,478.00 when converted to U.S.) On the LVR site, it shows that the gh work is 1,295 Euros. I'll have to pay around $110 in duty via fed ex. I love ordering from LVR - I always receive my shipment in one or two days. The items are always packaged perfectly. But remember (at least for the girls in the states), returns are a hassle, so be sure you want the bag. You can return, but it is cumbersome.
  9. ^ Thanks for the info lovelygarments and please do let us know if they really have them in stock. :yahoo:
  10. ^^I promise, I'll let everyone know. I checked local time in Rome, and when I sent the e-mail, it was just before 5:00 P.M., so I'm not sure of their working hours there. :smile:
  11. :love: can't wait to see the pics!!
  12. so who's ordering! i can't wait to see your pics!
  13. It's also 1 Aug – the month where many countries in Europe shut down and go on holiday.
  14. Europe gets an entire MONTH?! LOL- I clearly live in the wrong place! :p