Purple New Epi Infatuation on a limited budget - Darn

  1. Well I must tell you all – I’m totally smitten by the new Epi colors!!!:love::love:

    I’m so stuck on what to get in the new colors, as…….I want them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts::nuts:

    How useful do you guys find the accessories pouch?
    I’m going back and forth – with wallet vs. accessories pouch?
    If I get the accessories pouch I can also get a cute little zip coin purse of coin Cles too.
    What would you do?
  2. I'd get the Epi Pochette in Cassis (love the grenade lining) and the Grenade Zippy Coin, that way you have one from each color! Or the other way around would be great too!
  3. I'm in the same boat. Planning to pick up a Violette Vernis, Epi Cassis & Epi Pomegranade but not sure which items to get in which colour.

    Righ now, I am thinking of:

    Violette Vernis: pochette cles, key holder & cosmetic pouch

    Epi Purple: pochette accessoire, zippy coin wallet.

    Will wait until everything comes into our LV store to see all the availability first.

    Have fun!
  4. I LOVE purple, too, and I'm itching for something in this color, preferably a bag, but that means I have to wait a bit. Darn. Like you, I want them all!

    If I had a choice, I would get the wallet first and then get some more purple Epi later on. This color will be around for a bit, at least a year (according to what my SA told me) so we have time to gather as many purple items we can get! LOL Good luck!!
  5. Tough choice.. I guess it's best to go in to the boutique and see them IRL.
  6. Does the darker purple epi coin wallet have the lighter color inside too?
  7. If i have the $$ I buy all! Hahaha...best is to go to the store & have a peek.
  8. If I go into the store undecided ...
    I'm afraid I'll be swept away by an "epi wave of love" and lose all control, whip out the CC and get a little of everything :shame::shame:
  9. The epi colors are very pretty! I like the pochette myself.
  10. I'd go with the cassis pochette wallet- the epi pochette is nice but a bit impractical IMO.
  11. Do you find this bag too small to use?

  12. I'm with the PurseNut theory. I got the Eugenie wallet in the pomegrante (b/c it doesn't come in the Cassis and I want that wallet so bad and now that the MC version is in the air...). I was going to get the Madeline PM in the cassis, but got diverted by the limelights. So I will wait until a little later to pick up the Cassis.

    You can't go wrong with either. Both are beautiful!
  13. i bet the lockit bag would look awesome in the dark purple.
  14. Do you think both colors will be around for a while or just the Dark purple?
    I heard mixed messages about the Grenade only being around during Valentines time.
  15. I second that!:tup: