Purple Musique des Spheres Scarf

  1. Look what leaped into my basket at Neiman's today - Musique des Spheres in purple - actually an attractive plum brown called prune. The viola is in a color called "gris argent" a grey color but sparkling like silver and some of the lines on the scarf are actually drawn in metallic silver ink (not silver). The balls in the corner are violine - a very bright electric lilac - good contrast with dullish purple

    made a mistake once, & did not bring it home the first time that I saw it...

    Enjoy !
    Copy of Plum Brown and Silver Grey 1.JPG
  2. GORGEOUS.... congratulations !!!!
  3. gorgeous , congrats, please model it for us.
  4. fabulous!:tup:
  5. one of my favorite colors for this scarf...gorgeous!!
  6. Beautiful!!!!!
  7. How lovely. I can imagine how stunning it would look on someone with a fair complexion.
  8. Oh that is so lovely! I very nearly bought it in blue the other day and wasn't totally sold--but if I see it in this colorway, I might have to grab it!
  9. very nice! congrats on new scarf! got me lemming for one in same colorway!
  10. Lovely!
  11. Love it! Congrats!
  12. Purple...purple....why does H have to make such gorgeous, gorgeous things in purple.....? :drool:
  13. about wanting one - I actually let this baby go a year ago, so, you might inquire at a Neiman's they OBVIOUSLY have a few goodies left from last year ! good luck & thanks all for the lovely comments - merci beaucoup
  14. Am drooling.
    I just got a GM mousseline in the pink colorway (I posted a photo 2 days ago in the mousseline thread). I love this pattern. Now that I know it exists in this colorway, I might "need" this too!!
  15. FAbulous colourway. I love that scarf. Congratulations and thanks for sharing so we can :drool:.