Purple metallic Chloe... Susieserb and Divnanata, I'm looking at YOU!

  1. I think my heart stopped when I saw this... Susie and Div, yay or nay?

    (everyone's opinion is, of course welcome, I just thought I'd go straight for the ones who love shiny, unusual Chloes LOL).

  2. LOVE the colour![​IMG]
    It's great! Not sure about the style though, it's nice, but probably not for me!
  3. I think it's cool, and we need one in the tpf Chloe inventory list stat!
  4. The style is not for me either, but that metallic purple is TDF. Love the color!
  5. "I" baby! It looks fantastic to MOI! I had no idea that METALLIC purple is possible?! OMG. Yesterday I received a purple covered Chloe catalogue in the mail from the Chloe boutique in Bal Harbour and they showed THIS bag in a picture on a model and described it as a medium sized (?) Maya hobo in violet lambskin. Gorgeous more than I realized!
  6. Now, that is one gorgeous bag:heart:
  7. Fabulous colour, but not loving the style.
  8. Love the colour :heart: Imagine it on a paddy, with a lucite lock :drool:
  9. Loving the colour :heart::tup: but very much NOT loving the style:tdown::tdown:.
  10. I have no problem with this bag!! My gut feeling? It would look faboo on a tall person. What's the dimensions? Do you know?
  11. This is one of those bags that must be tried on, it's going to look different on each body type. I like it, it's got a certain edge, but would like to see it IRL.
  12. or even on a clutch Mmmmm :drool:
  13. I think this is the Maya style, a little bit smaller though.
    Ok, Chloe boutique is my next stop this weekend...just thought I was over the Chloe purple bug for a while, LOL. I wonder if this metallic rubs off as easily as others? So far, my metallic tekla is holding up well, guess the type of leather does make a difference with loss of metallic paint??
  14. hmmmmm, I'm not really sure how I feel about how I feel! I don't hate it and I don't love it. Neither the metallic nor the shape are exciting me!
  15. ^^ditto