purple metallic 226 or dk navy 228?!

  1. I also like two other bags that were in the "eyes candies for 08 S/S" thread. The one with a patent pink and white one with a flap (i like the bigger one in pink =]) and a very similar one but in caviar leather, and hopefully they have black or...wouldn't red be divine!?! anyhow i'm thinking the 228 is too big for me, i'm 5'5 and 125 pounds, what i really wanted was the 227, but i can't find one.
    for anyone who still has trouble looking for a store with purple reissues/dk navy or whatever they are looking for here is my SA's info! His name is Chris and he works at the Saks Santa Barbara. He is super nice and I know they are ordering the 226 in purple met so just give that a try, oh and 228 dark navy! Let him know Lisa referred you to him. The number for Saks Santa Barbara is 805-884-9997 and I believe his direct number is 805-884-5257, just ask for Chris Meyer with Chanel Handbags and hopefully you get your dream S/S 08 bag!!! :heart:

  2. someone help me make an opinion!! i also placed an order for the timeless classic bag today, its one that looks very similar to the diagonal cc and in the lookbook they show a pink and white one, i ordered it in black, but should i have done pink!?
  3. Black is good, I know... I saw the bag is very pretty:tup::yes: