Purple medium flap caviar or lambskin

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  1. Hii

    I ordered the caviar medium flap for my girlfriend, but i just wondering that has anybody here seen a lambskin purple medium flap, because i called Chanel@ Rodeo, they said this year they only have purple in caviar....but i have seen several pix online in lambskin for purple.....


  2. I have never seen the medium...only the large in lambskin
    the caviar is cool though..mischa barton has it
  3. Your gf is so lucky!! :biggrin:
  4. I have the purple medium in lambskin. it's so delicious, soft as butter and so luxury. I love it! Your gf is so lucky~ she will going to love it either caviar or lambskin for sure!
  5. I prefer caviar. The purple in caviar is to die for!!
  6. I have the jumbo purple lambskin, but I've never seen a medium sized one. Try Neiman's and have them search their system to see if it's avail.