Purple Medium Flap & Card Case

  1. I was just looking (of course) at South Coast Plaza and saw the cruise collection last week and I loved the medium purple flap with matching little zippered card case. So I went back yesterday to buy them and the bag was sold out!!. Only 8 bags left in the US. So I bought one and the case. I will get them next week. Will post pictures when I get them. I love purple:yahoo: My husband says its such a seasonal color --hes so funny--So. CA only has one season:heart:
  2. that's cute. Only 8 in the US; congrats for getting them!!
  3. Thanks Boxermom--its the same bag as your brown one--my favorite--now there are 7 left in the US!
  4. ooohhh! I love the purple /violet color from the cruise collection! I just got a zip wallet in this color and it is TDF!!! Congrats on your purchases!
  5. Congrats Hillarys! Can't wait to see pictures. =)
  6. ^^I'd LOVE to see your wallet mintpearl!!
  7. ^ I haven't taken pics of it yet but let me try to post a pic from bluefly... I may not succeed because I have NEVER yet posted a pic yet...i know it's a bit pitiful considering the no. of times I've posted...:graucho: :shame:
  8. Oh mintpearl, how absolutely cute is ya purple zip wallet!! :tender:

    Do you double it as clutch too? :yes:
  9. ^Thank you, Nymph! I haven't used it yet! But I plan to use it as a wallet or a clutch...it certainly is big enough and pretty enough for a small clutch!
  10. congrats on that great bag. the color is great.
  11. Well done! I have the purple wallet and although I am not a purple person AT ALL, it is a great shade and can be worn all year-round.
  12. Hey, I just bought this zip-around wallet in Ebano (dark brown)! I know I'll love this to bits.... the leather feels so luxurious. Also, prior to my current wallet (which is a tri-fold Fendi) I was using a Prada zip-around wallet and I must say that a zip-around is much easier to use.
  13. Hillarys, I can't wait to see your violet pictures! I guess it's too early in the week to ask if you have received your bag and zippered card case yet???? When I opened my package of the wallet, I was stunned at the vibrant purple color and the leather! I know you've seen yours at the store already before it sold out...but I'm sure when you actually have YOUR OWN in your own hands...you will be so ecstatic!
  14. Congrats!:yahoo:
  15. Mintpearl--I am still waiting for the call from my SA ---Heidi--she is really sweet. I saw both at the store and they are gorgeous. The card case has the chain detail and I love that. The bag is the softest leather I have ever felt, and it is stunning and my favorite color. I love to make a statement with my shoes and bags. By the way, your wallet is gorgeous!!!!:yahoo: