Purple mahala

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  1. Hi guys!! On the way to me is a gorgeous Purple Mahala. Can you help me with what to wear with this bag? Like colors for clothes besides black. As of now the only color shoes and outfits I can think this bag will go with are black. Can you help me be more creative? Thanks:smile:
  2. I posted a few suggestions in the Who Scored a JC at the Saks Sale thread. Had a brain fart and forgot where I was :P.
  3. I looked at it, I love the suggestions of the black jacket with blue and white, Razor Sharp!!
  4. See, I think this color would go with anything: browns, greys, navy, black, tans, cremes...and I don't mind telling you that I am a little jealous. Congrats!
  5. Thnaks Tln , I really dint think id get one either, When I heard it was available, I dint hesitate, I just bought it.
  6. Purple is a versatile color. It goes great with oranges, persimmons, rusts. Also browns, reds. Certain brighter greens can work too!
  7. Pictures, PLEASE, when you get it! I can't wait to see it!

    As for your question, sounds like you've gotten some great suggestions. :tup:
  8. and dark green, too, like a forest green!
  9. She here!!!! I was not expecting her untill Tuesday, but she here!!! And I absolutely:heart::heart: her. I tried to take a picture but my camera batteries were discharged, Ill be posting pictures soon, In the mean while, I am so happy I finally have a Mahala, This is my first Jimmy Choo, I have a red biker on layway, so technically this is my first choo in person and the LP leather is so so beautiful in Purple.
  10. Congrats!
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    I was wondering if this is common with LP bags, At the corners where the leather creases there seems to be discoloration. I personally like the look but Im not sure if this is "damage" or thats how the bag is supposed to be.


    Update with Pictures and some questions..

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  12. This is what Im talking about....


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  13. sona - This is intentional. There were a few solid (color) looking LP's a couple of years ago. But for the most part, Choo has made LP's with gradations in colors. I have a Midnight blue LP and it is the same.
  14. Thanks Jburgh! I like the gradation but was wondering about it. I love it and thanks to all the tips to spice up my creativity so I can wear this bag with colors other than black. I tried it out with a burnt orange sweater and it looked gorgeous. Would never have ventured that way, if not for ll these tips:smile:
  15. Very pretty!