Purple Lucy Is Here!

  1. Wow. My eyes were bedazzled when I opened the box. I knew that Kooba had made this color a few years ago, and to find one on eBay, well, that was like striking gold - and for it be authentic was like striking platinum.
    My camera is having a wee of a time, so the pictures don't do it justice. What a color. Unreal. Saturated, really. And delicate - just like the ivory Lucy.....which is fine...and I'm glad it's new because there's nary a spot or scratch on it. I'm shocked really. Not even a stamp on the inside showing that it was from a sample sale.....just dumb luck, I guess...
    Older style too - with the leather pull on the inside and I love the green lining. So striking...seriously....
    It's so soft and smooshy - the sides were plumping out a bit in the picture which is why the sides look like that in the first picture....wowza. It's a keeper. There are certain Koobas I can't ever imagine parting with even if I'm desperate to fund another. I'd just have to find another way......
    PurpleLucy.jpg PurpleLucy2.jpg PurpleLucy3.jpg
  2. It's fabulous!!!! Now that's a bag!!! And if only you could have seen a closeup of that leather that you got, you would have never questioned authenticity. It's just gorgeous Joelle. Hang on to that thing because they don't come around...ever.
  3. That is crazy beautiful!! Loves it!
  4. Now that is one nice bag! I love the color. What a great find.
  5. gorgeous color!!!
  6. There's a bag worthy of fighting for! Stunning, and such a rare find too. Congrats, may you and she have a wonderful life together:heart:
  7. Yay!! I was wondering if it had arrived yet!:yahoo:

    The leather is remarkably like the Ivory Lucy - light and delicate and smooshy. The green interior is so fabulous with the color, isn't it?? Now if I could just get my hands on the purple Claudia and Chiara that matches it, I'd be in heaven (I think I mentioned loosing out on a purple Chiara recently. Arg!)

    I'll have to post pics of my purple girl when I get home. I'm so glad someone else here has one! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  8. OMG Joelle, that is GORGEOUS. The color is absolutely stunning. It's obvious from the photos how smoochy and buttery it is. It was a fabulous find... like finding a needle in a haystack. You did good girl!
  9. Wow. Just Wow. It's fabulous. Congratulations!! I'm so delighted for you.
  10. Ooh, that's simply beautiful.
  11. Beautiful bag!!! Lovin the color.
  12. Absolutely love it. I was just afraid to bid because I wasn't sure about authenticity.Oh well. Congratulations.
  13. Lucky, lucky girl, that is one beautiful bag. Congrats and hold on to her.
  14. Same here..I just wasn't sure..But I'm glad that it turned out to be the real deal. It's gorgeous..a once in a lifetime find, I bet. Congrats.!
  15. Congratulations.