Purple/Lizard Gustto Baca - Yay or Nay?

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  1. What do you all think..Yay or Nay?

  2. Sorry, it's a nay from me!
  3. Is this a real Gustto bag, or an imitation? The shapes look wrong, the buttons don't look right either. In any case, a no from me too!
  4. is there a pic?
    the one you have there is not showing
  5. yay from me, very interesting style, plus purple is hot right now
  6. Nay!
  7. Nay for me. Not too fond of the exotic skins.
  8. thats def not a baca!!!
  9. Nay!! :blah:
  10. Sorry DG...it's a nay. :sad:
  11. I would say Nay too...
    You can get a better purple bag than that!

    The bag looks so .. unproportional - the straps are so long and the bag looks so short... I like the purple - but I don't like that snake print accent...
  12. Yes...I called Jolly and this is an "early" version of the Baca as we know it today, so are most of their other bags they have....it's also a smaller Baca and seems a bit out of proportion as someone else said. I think it's interesting and definitely different. Not sure I would buy it but thanks all for your input.
  13. Hahaha, you know...the more I look at it, the more it's not too bad...LOL Definitely different. I happen to be find of purple. But I still wouldn't buy it. There are other bags out there I'd like to buy that I like much better.
  14. I got the Scella City in Apricot recently (great price) and thought, I will probably return this once I see it. But nope, I love the color for summer. The hardware seems to blend in nicely with the apricot color. Also--this is the bag strangers compliment me on! They love the color and all the rivets, etc. I thought--my Kooba, nothing; my Botkier Bombay, nothing--this bag--"WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!!" It spots in the rain (but dries just fine) but I keep a big Target bag in my car for those rainy days any way (oh yeah, THAT'S chic). So I am enjoying it for the summer.