Purple Leather Heart Charm Keyfob

  1. I ordered my carly top handle pouch in khaki/berry tonight and I was bored browsing on eBay and I found this charm that I think will look cute on it. Plus I can put a picture of my fiance and I on it to aww. lol :heart:

  2. I have that same charm only it is a red heart with brass clasp instead of silver.. I love it! :tup: This one is a lot more purple I think though than the berry color.
  3. I think that will be very cute and very sweet!:yes:
  4. Aww that is so cute!
  5. :yes: I think the purples are going to clash being the bag is more berry, so hang on to your receipt for it!!!! And the Carly hardware is brass, not nickel....I'm VERY matchy matchy...can you tell??? :graucho:
  6. Me too!!!!! w/ the brass clip, not nickel!!! and I LOVE it too!!!! :tup:
  7. I am matchy matchy to but I just think in my mind it will look so cute well see.. after all my new breast cancer charm is nickel and my carly is brass I still love her :okay:
  8. Maybe thats a hint of whats to come:graucho: