Purple leather comparisons

  1. Ok, I'm back, now my Purple Puzzle Question of the Day is:

    Notice the veining:

    Notice the AR reference pic (of Ocean leather that is supposed to be similar to the violet they have in), no veining:

    Maybe, like this?

    So. I could go to the works, parttimes, etc., but you get the idea. Oh! And don't forget the lovely courier:
  2. I love how the leathers vary so much; it makes every bag unique.
  3. Yeah but it drives me crazy, too, if I'm trying to shop!!
  4. I agree with how the leathers vary quite a bit. Thanks for the post. It will be interesting to see how the Violet varies...I haven't seen any bad leather on the V yet!

    What I am about to say has nothing to do with Violet, but I'd like to tell my Vert Gazon story for the sake of a leather variation example...I loved VG and wanted something big and bold. I decided on the Work and the leather was very disappointing! It was very thick, stiff & dry. No shine or smooshyness at all. I sold the VG work for a VG First (thinking the leather would be a little thinner) but it was the same again...I sold the First and finally bought a Makeup. Well, the VG leather on the Makeup was perfect! Very smooth, smooshy, a little veiny with a gorgeous sheen too! That's exactly how I like my leathers!

    Anyway, based on all the links in this thread above, I feel that all the Violet leather examples are just divine. It's like Anthracite - you can't lose cause all the Violet leathers are fab!
  5. Great thread, I have a Giant Brief in Violet on my way and am hoping for amazing smooshy leather!
  6. Oh my goodness!! I haven't owned a Bbag in months and had gotten so frustrated because the colors I wanted were so much out of reach. This color is just gorgeous!!! I may have to revisit Balenciaga, hmmmm.....