purple leather bag?

  1. anyone have suggestions for a purple leather bag? after i bought my mj fran in bronze ive been wanting a purple leather bag, dont care about the hardware, just has to not kill my shoulder and not look overly classic as to being casual. i dont know if that made sense lol so im gonna let you ladies talk.:wlae:
  2. What about the Balenciaga ciyt or work in grenat? It's not really purple but more bordeaux but a lovely colour!
  3. I have the ANI cargo sak (LUNA BOSTON) in eggplant. It is a great color purple and a very usable bag.
  4. balenciaga in eggplant! it's gorgeous... the colour & the leather is so smooshy & yummy...
  5. ^^^The eggplant color look fab!
  6. The Gryson pocket group in smoke is a purplish-grey. It's really pretty. Stores will have it at the end of august.
  7. Owww. This is goregous!
  8. I saw a gorgeous dolce & gabbana purple bag at the Saks sale.
  9. I'm not a huge fan of Coach bags, but their new fall line includes some beautiful leather lavender bags. very reminiscient of their classic bags.
  10. Tod's has a new dark purple/eggplant bag coming out for fall that's gorgeous! I saw it featured in Bazaar recently (or possibly Elle), but it hasn't appeared yet at eluxury.com or neimanmarcus.com.
  11. oh they all sound really nice! that city in eggpant is GORGEOUS. so should i try to wait till august to pick one up? lol i dont know if that is possible.
  12. Oh man, this is such a dangerous thread for me. I am a freak for purple handbags, purple leather doubly so.

    My most recent purple leather handbag purchase was, perhaps surprisingly, a Dooney zip hobo. It's deep purple pebbled leather, and I've seen practically the whole line at various TJMaxx and Marshalls stores here in VA and also in MO. They are currently marked down to around $125-150. It's all I can do not to buy any of the other ones!

    Coach has also had some lovely purple leather bags in the recent past -- an eBay search on "Coach purple leather" will bring up some great stuff. Good luck, and be sure to tell us what you ended up getting!
  13. Ooooooh! that's so purty! Any idea where those can be found? this thread is a bad bad influence.:upsidedown:
  14. Try Hayden-Harnett, they have several styles in different leathers - search for plum, prune, or eggplant.