Purple is POW!!!!!WOW for 2008

  1. In the newspaper section this weekend there's an insert called Lifestyles. On the cover of the foldout screams the title Purple Power. Inside discusses the fabulous aspects of this hue and how it's the palette for 2008, dictating fashion for shoes, clothes and yep! PURSES! Reminds me of the pink era 5 years ago (which will probably be next years color BTW!!)

    Anyway those purple Chloes are drop dead gorgeous my fear no sale with these bags, demand will probably be high and since they're a seasonal color???? Whaaaaaa! :crybaby:
  2. Amazing how color palettes 'come around' again, I still have my purple Jimmy Choo Ross from a few years ago. Of course, that doesn't diminish the need or want for a purple Chloe, but with my recent purchases, I can't even go there. BAN, BAN, BAN.......
  3. Feel the same way, Susie. Especially when the stores near me don't even carry the purple Heloise nor the saskia....I am so tempted to order from LVR now...:sweatdrop:
  4. Hmm I got a patent purple bag that I havent used much. Not a Chloe though. Maybe should get that out again. Or just buy a new bag:lol:
  5. I think SOMEONE on the board needs to get a purple bag so we have a bag to live vicariously through.
  6. LYM, are you suggesting moi for that role by any chance:rolleyes: ? Better hope that Irene from Sacoche gets a few of those Purple Quilted Bays in stock then (Just can't get any hint out of her either way at the moment and it's making me antsy :sweatdrop:)
  7. Tag, go for it:tup:
  8. I'm trying my best:yes:....perhaps all us ladies on the Chloe board should simultaneously email Irene Sacoche to ask whether she's expecting to get the Medium Purple Quilted Bay in with the new stock. If the answer is 'Yes', I will most certainly go for it:graucho:...get ready girls...3,2,1...GO :lol:!!!
  9. Tag. I didn't want to put undue pressure on you personally, but yes, I believe you are a terrific candidate for the holder of the purple Chloe!
  10. Aha LYM! I thought so :lol:! You mean I'm the only one :nuts::upsidedown::nuts: enough to buy yet ANOTHER Bay (that would be the 7th one :wtf:)...I may yet prove you right:yes:. Pitiful, isn't it:s ?
  11. Can you imagine? You would probably be the ONLY person in the WORLD with 7 Bays!!! That is :happydance::choochoo::biguns::queen::cool:
  12. No.. I think a better description would be D-U-M-B :upsidedown::lol: !!!
  13. C'mon Tag - take one for the team - are you a team player or what?! :dothewave:

    I promise I'll get the next colour fad...
  14. I'd buy a purple Chloe in a heartbeat if they came out with the Edith in purple... yum.
  15. ^I'm agree^ Edith in Purple would be super cool. I think Edith's in any vibrant color is pretty fabulous.