Purple Heloise

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  1. Unfortunately it's not another come look at my new purple heli post...

    just wanted to let the chloe gals know that South Coast Plaza Nordstrom has it in stock if someone is looking for one. I'm not sure if they are hard to come by but I recall someone saying that saks.com was sold out.
  2. my SA at Nordstroms told me that there were about 10 left in the whole company -- I don't know if she meant the Prune color or just the Heloise in general -- I'm guessing the Prune (if there's only 10 Heloise left, that's a pretty popular style!). Mine should be "home" Tuesday !!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks for the info, glad to hear you've got one on it's way.....congrats!!
  4. Nordstroms in OakBrook, IL (630/571-2121) also has one available. I think it was a customer return. It looks fine to me -- the inner tag is still attached & it includes all the papers. It's a really dark, deep plum color. The leather is smoother than on some other Heloise bags. The nice thing about it is that whoever purchased (and returned) this bag must have tried wearing it on the shoulder or put heavier things inside because the braiding was a little more stretched than the braiding on my bag (which was brand new & never purchased/worn before) so the drop is a little bit longer than most Prune bags are at first.

    If interested, call and ask for Deborah -- she's GREAT!