*~*Purple Haze Rockie Reveal*~* A Webster Miami Exclusive!

  1. Very cute! Congrats. :smile:
  2. I love it! I think it's the perfect shade of purple!
    It is very close to my balenciaga dark violet, and believe it or not, grape purple is very neutral. You will get a lot of use and compliments!;)
  3. Hooray! You received that so fast... I have to say I love this to the millionth degree. The color is so vibrant and beautiful. Makes me wish I was a purple person. You lucked out in the pebble dept. :tup: It's so hypnotizing. :cray: Thank you so much for all the awesome pics. Loved seeing your pup in some of them. :p Congratulations!!!
  4. This is killer!! Congrats on this pebbly purple pretty! Cant wait to see mod shots :biggrin:
  5. I'm sure they still have them, but I wouldn't wait too long... Good Luck and thanks!
    It's a gorgeous color, especially if you are a big purple lover!!
    Thanks betty.lee! :smile: It is a bit of a chameleon, but bottom line, it's definitely a true purple! I'm 99.9% sure it's a keeper! Just too darn cute to part with! :p
    Thanks cinn! Rockie is a huge hit and definitely a must have for any AW lover IMO! I know you will love and rock this style!! Can't wait to see which you decide on!! ;)
    Thank you! :smile: I can't wait to take Rockie for a spin!!
  6. Thank you! :smile:
    :smile: I love bright pop colors, so I am content rocking them with just about anything!! I'm sure it will prove to be a great staple and I don't own a truly purple bag, so I guess that's a good justification for keeping this one! This bag is just so cute, I don't know how anyone couldn't love it!!
    Thank you Tara! You could totally rock this bag too! :cool: It's really a pretty versatile purple IMO, actually reminds me quite a bit of RM's PH! I am very happy with the pebbles, and of course that can be such a hit or miss...my Luggage's pebbles actually look kinda sad next to PH. I knew it would arrive quickly too as I'm only about three hours away from the store, so that was a bonus! Glad you enjoyed seeing Bailey! I usually try to avoid having my dogs in my pics, but I was too excited to get these snapped that I didn't really care!
    Thanks Susan! I will try and get some mod pics posted some time tomorrow! I won't look half as cute as cee and her Cayenne though! :p
  7. Oh I doubt that dear!!!! ;)
  8. Absolutely stunning color! Thanks for all the eye candy!!!
  9. adorable! love this color :smile:
  10. Beautiful color!! Thanks for all of the comparison info too!! Enjoy your very pretty new bag!!
  11. Ok...so I need advice about this bag. I am seriously considering returning the michele jetway white ceramic watch I just bought in exchange for this rockie in purple, any thoughts or advice? HELP ME!!! haha
  12. OH MY GOSH!!.. This such a pretty colour. Thank you for taking time to post.
  13. Well...if it's any help, I have a Michelle Silver Deco Watch and honestly rarely wear it b/c I find it soooo heavy! I end up resorting to my white plastic Fossil watch which of course cost a fraction of the price and is so lightweight and worry-free. So with that said, I'd go for the Rockie and get a cheaper substitute in the watch dept and be able to have the best of both!! :biggrin: Being that this is a Lt Ed bag I am sure it will become HTF in the future too, so I'd grab it now while you can!! HTH!
  14. Good point, I know I can find cheaper ceramic watches...I just may have to add this rockie to my collection. Thanks for the help!!
  15. You're so right. It's super cute!!!
    I like the zipper top too.
    It almost looks like Bal's Amethyst in some of the pics!
    Adorable Bag!