Purple Flap Help

  1. In search of my perfect flap I came across these pictures:


    I was wondering from the pictures could you tell the sizes of each?

    Thank you in advance :tup:
  2. eeks, i'm stumped. i want to say the top is a medium and bottom is a jumbo but i'm not 100% sure
  3. Thank you mello, you always provide the greatest and fastest help :heart:
  4. ^ ahh no! dont thank me, I honestly dont even know the correct answers and would hate to have led you astray into the wrong sizes for the flap!! but i hope someone can correct/confirm for you. loveee the purple!
  5. ^ you're right, the first one is the medium and the 2nd one is the jumbo
  6. Thanks fashionispoison (btw are you on tFS as well?)!
  7. hi
    the first one is 08 violet classic flap?
    does anyone know where can buy them in canada?
  8. it looks like 06 purple?
  9. Ohhhh wow, excuse me while I pick myself off of the ground, ahhh... the first flap is my HG Chanel... I'll take one in that stunning medium or an e/w in a heartbeat!!!! :love::girlsigh: :drool: :love: Both are fall '06 violet flaps... the first is a medium/large caviar flap, and the second is a Jumbo lambskin flap! :tup: :heart: burukogepanda, if you ever spot the first beauty, please give me a holla hehe! ;) :nuts:
  10. ~Ditto~ Many pfers are lookin for purple/plum classic flap bag...well, it's hard to come by or u have to try ur luck! Since i've been searching, NO LUCK YET:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  11. I would say the red based purple is M and the blue based is a Jumbo
  12. They're my HG as well - purple classic flap. Where are you?!!

  13. Minal, how perfect! I want the second so I say we take those pics and find ourselves a Fairy Chanelmother! :drool:
  14. I was looking to purchase my first classic flap, found those pictures and then I am in love! Of course prior to that I had no idea it's in such high demand. I called chanel, Neiman Marcus and Saks, but no luck. If I do hear anything I will be sure to share here :yes:
  15. WOW :nuts:, I love both of these bags (like who doesn't??? :shame:smile:. I'd really love a purple colored caviar flap, these pictures are heaven :love: