Purple Epi - has anyone seen it yet?

  1. Ok, I just found out that the epi line is coming out with 2 purple colour. Has anyone seen it yet? I was told it is being launched in March, I am just too anxious.
  2. I have not seen it either but I can't wait to see it either. Purple is my favorite color.
  3. Oh I am so excited!!! Purple is my favourite colour too!!! I cant wait to get some accessories!!
  4. OMG, I was going to head down to pick up my Violette pochette cles on Monday and now that the Epi line is also going to have purple!!! I just called 1 866 vuitton and the girl told me that there will be 2 different shades of purple, one called the grenade and the other is cassis.

    If anyone has already seen it, please pm me with the site. Thank you.
  5. I went to the store and they have not purple epi yet... end of february they are going to get it... FANTASTIC-3 you can see pictures of puple epi at the SS 2008 THREAT at referance lib...
  6. I am so excited for purple epi! I am a huge Epi fan- it is great for living in New England- no vachetta to get caught in sudden rain/snow/ice storm. And my favorite color is purple!
  7. Good news anyone I found another thread with a link to the 2 epi colours and the new vernis colour as well..check it out here

    Food for the eyes...they are really beautiful...
  8. thanks for the link! There's violette inclusion??:drool: yummy!
  9. although how much I loved the the new epis and the vernis my heart stopped when I saw the gold cosmetic pouch...ohhhh but its for another thread so don't mind me...lol hope you like the new colors girls...and boys!

  10. Dear Bagmaniac23:

    Thank you so much for the link. OMG, I don't know if I can wait this long. The colour is TDF. What am I going to do now, buy 2 of each in different colours:graucho::graucho::graucho:!
  11. Lovely....Thanks for the link.
  12. nothing guys...all for one and one for all that's the way I see it...have fun dreaming your new bags!!!