Purple DOWNTOWN - Medium OR Large size?

  1. Hi ladies, I fell in love with the PURPLE Downtown (in dark purple Buffalo leather, not patent leather)....and fell really, really hard! I don't remember being this infatuated with a bag in a long while. When YSL first unveiled the Downtown style, I didn't think much of it at all and just thought it looked quite ordinary....you know, just another oversized bag. But when I saw the Purple Downtown and actually TRIED IT ON, it changed all my preconceptions. And the purple color is TDF...rarely do you see a purple bag that's so classy (and has the potential to be timeless, well relatively speaking).

    Now my dilemma is choosing a size -- the medium ($1,595) OR the large ($1,795). I'm about 5'4" and pretty petite, but am used to big bags. Sitting on the shelf by itself, the medium Downtown looked pretty humongous already. And the large looked way, way too big. BUT when I tried them on, with the interior stuffing taken out, the large -- which is the one with a longer shape -- actually looked really really cool...SO MUCH ATTITUDE! And the shape is so different from any other over-sized bag I've dealt with. The medium size, which isn't as long as the large, somehow looked bulkier, "fatter" when toted in my arms.

    I'm curious as to whether the Downtown (in buffalo leather) SAGS over time? Does anyone have the Downtown in medium or large?...and could share some experiences with the bag? Which size would you recommend?....and why? Which is the more in-demand/popular size?

    Also, I was wondering what the chances are (if any) of the Downtown getting marked-down. Any chances at all -- for the purple buffalo leather Downtown in medium or large? I haven't paid much attention to YSL sales before but am definitely going to start watching closely now.
  2. Oh, and attached is a visual comparison of the LARGE vs. the MEDIUM, size-wise (neither of the two are purple buffalo leather, but just for sizing comparison reasons.....here we go....).
    YSL-Downtown_LARGE_longer.jpg YSL-Downtown_MEDIUM_Violet.jpg
  3. I haven't tried them on IRL, but I think I like the longer look of the large, rather than the wider look of the medium. (Fyi, I own the Oversize Muse, because I liked the longer look in that bag too. And I am also 5'4'')

    Either way, the purple Downtown is gorgeous! Good luck with your decision.
  4. This week I'll get the large black buffalo one, but during my stay in Milan, yesterday, I tried both large and medium one, and I really think the medium shape is sooo great. It's more " tote like" while the large one is better as the shoulder bag. I like wearing bags on te crock of my arm- so the large will probably finish someware around my knees :sad:. I bought my large Downtown marked 20% less at luisaviaroma.com , so I can still think about geting the medium one in a different colour.
    By the way, the purple one is divine
  5. Def Large!
  6. Large
  7. Large for sure! It's a beautiful bag!