purple Downtown from In Style

  1. In the March issue:

  2. Love, love, love the color.
  3. ^^^Me too. The Downtown is growing on me.
  4. i ve seen this bag n its lovely
  5. loving it, the color is absolutely yummy
  6. love the color too. it looks so soft.....
  7. I just love everything about purple.
  8. Beautiful colour!
  9. Wooow, it looks nice in this color.
  10. It's funny, because YSL and many fashion editors have been hot on the Downtown bag, but I haven't seen any tPFers buy one yet.
  11. I'm not crazy about the Downtown bag, but that color is lovely :love:
  12. That color is gorgeous. Makes me want the bag.
  13. Love the color. Thanks for sharing Cosmo. =)
  14. I was reading the InStyle this morning and totally feel in love with this bag, I am going to NM to see if they have it...I am now on a mission to get this color...
  15. Fyi, if you check out ysl.com, you'll see that they are carrying several other bags in this purple/dark violet shade too, including the Muse and several totes.