Purple Crash Swatch

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  1. I thought it might be helpful to put this in a separate thread while we are waiting on the rest of the samples to be photographed. That way, those of you who are considering this unusual color can pull this up easily.


  2. I love that purple crash!! It is sooooo pretty!!
  3. I just received this today/tonight. i will be mailing it out next to Chayakrx Sat Morning while i debate the color!
  4. ^^ What are your thoughts on it?
  5. Its pretty, but I'm kind of wondering how well it will compliment other colors in my wardrobe.

    Before you mail it savvy, you should put it next to various colors and let us know your thoughts.
  6. Would you agree that this photo is accurate, savvy? Personally, I think it would look fabulous with all of the dark winter colors -- black, grey, brown, olive etc.
  7. IMO the plum color goes with a lot of other colors...I just need to see how bling-y it is in person lol
  8. FYI, the little bit of pinkish color in the upper left corner is a little bit of sunlight catching it -- it's not actually the color, if that makes any sense!
  9. Yes, I would say to ALL that it is pretty accurate. It has some nice bright/soft shadows to it. I am sitting in the dark a bit right now and it does not look as shimmery. Just not sure what I think of it, because I am a Tan/Brwn/Blk/Gry girl. I only have 1 red bag in my collection and everything is in my range of colors I mentioned before.

    I put it on top of my SMM Chocolate just now and it looks GORGEOUS on the chocolate. It would have been cool in a SM because I can see it on the bag. It just has a shimmer that I am not sure off.....It is just such a different color that I am used too! It is kind of BLINGY!
  10. savvy, I'm like you -- classic color girl. I also only have 1 red bag (BE clutch) and my pewter LM. Those are my only colors! I think this particular purple, however is classically edgy if that makes a whit of sense. To me it's not blingy, it's sophisticated. I would say that if a conservative person wanted to experiment with a metallic and liked purple, this would be a great choice. Would you? Just trying to nail it down a bit more for ladies who may be considering it, but won't get the swatch! It's tough to nail down, though, I will agree!
  11. Yes, the more I look at it I really like it. I just want to make sure I get good use out of it. I just am in a downer mood since I received a smelly RM Nikki yesterday. To be honest, if I could get this color in the SM I would be much happier and I am just trying to place the color with the Fall 2008 bag I like best and i am having trouble chosing. Hug me or MMS?? or a LM Midi would be awesome because I am in LOVE with Cornflower's bag!
  12. Awww...I don't blame you about the Nikki. I love that style too (my favorite RM) and would be really disappointed. Are you going to send it back? Maybe the smell would go away after a while?

    Agree with you on Cornflower's bag -- this color would look fabulous in an LM midi! I'm opting for Hug Me because I think the color is kind of dressy and the bag is simple and dressier.
  13. thanks for sharing this swatch gal!
    this is the colour i am totally debating on!
    it does look less metallic and less "tin foil" on your photo
  14. I debating on keeping the Nikki. Lovebags advised me her's had chemical smell to it also and she aired it out and it went away; others in the RM thread said the same. I got her for under $435 so it's hard to send back!:crybaby:
    ITA agree the HUG ME in Purple crash would be the best choice as I continue to look at it, because it would be a great GIRLS NIGHT OUT color or VIKINGS color for me. Now, all i have to do is wait for the Chocolate crash to make the final decision on the MMS.....Black or Chocolate crash!
  15. You're most definitely welcome! You know, if it hadn't accidentally come to me, I would have never ordered it from the photos of the bags! I think it was kismet. :P