Purple Crackle Kissarina!

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  1. Airelsdream asked me to start this bespoke for her. She is way bogged down with 83,294 going on in her life at the moment!

    She thinks a Purple Crackle Kissie would be out of this world GORGEOUS! Perhaps in time for the holidays, as Christmas and New Year's are right around the corner, and a Purple Crackle Kiss would just dazzle! And so many of us are using the Kissies for more than just cosmetics bags or hold-it-all additions inside our regular bags. The hardware is so pretty, the shape, this leather (it is thick and substantial), and the really beautiful purple (see gga's purple crackle)... It would be a lovely, simply perfect clutch for parties and other holiday get-togethers! Would be very splendorous with black!

    So, Airel would like to know how many are interested in this Fiesta Kissie! So many fiestas on the way, y'all! You'll be glad to have this glistening piece of head-turning purple! Speak up, Belenistas. I think I can swear on everything I can think of that this is the ONE AND ONLY Purple Crackle Kissarina Bespoke you will see. Now's the time! Get 'em while they're hot and while they're available!

  2. Thanks Moonfancy, you are the bomb!!!
  3. How about:

    Purple Crackle Leather, Lt Beige/Champagne Lining
  4. Okay, all y'all purple lovers, come on over! Slap your name down on the list for this little smidegeon of purple beauty! The ladies who get this Purple Crackle Kissarina will most assuredly be the ONLY WOMEN IN THE WORLD to have them. The ONLY ones. You know this cannot be ordered individually. Nope, cannot. This is your only chance to get the Purple Crackle Kissarina.

  5. I just committed to the dark blue crash kissie, or I would be all over this!
  6. I might be interested in this. I do love Kiss Me's!