Purple Crackle Angel Purses!

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  1. I. Die.

  2. Wow!!!!
  3. I want to know why they say OUT OF STOCK already. I sent an urgent missive to Junie. (Love that word "missive" because it's so important-sounding.) I don't buy or wear purple, but I know a lot of y'all do!
  4. Moonie, do tell what you find out. I'll be sad if I missed my chance at that pretty purple Angel Purse
  5. arghhhh can't be out of stock.....waaa I need a paypal tree.....sniff
  6. Back in stock :biggrin:
  7. I ordered one last night....I got a swatch of purple crackle in the mail yesterday and was floored...love it, so as soon as Moonie posted, I ordered!!

    Thanks Moonie!
  8. ^^

    In the pics it looks so similar to plum crash. Any difference in colour besides the texture?
  9. I don't have plum crash to compare it to, though I have seen plum crash...it is fairly close, but this seems like it will be a heartier leather from the little swatch I have!
  10. More blue in it.. def a purple purple. Jackie told me that she had tried to get back the Plum crash, but the new Plum crash was more purple blue than purple red.
  11. This is what BE twittered when asked how the purple crackle compared to plum crash.....

    I think it's a bit "louder". Just a bit. With a different texture to the purple crash. And a bit more purple, with less red in it.
  12. ^^

    Thanks!! Purple crackled sounds beautiful. I love blue/purples best :smile:
  13. I've got a plum crash TME that I adore. I am also liking the look of the purple crackled and if this is a more hardwearing leather so much the better!
  14. Yes, Junie replied to my missive sometime last night after I was asleep and said she hadn't realized the OUT OF STOCK line was appearing. Said she'd add more stock immediately. I'm glad they aren't all gone! I thought, like, they were GONE-GONE, and in so short a time! Yay, Yay for all y'all Purple Lovers out there!