Purple Coach

  1. I really want a purple coach. If they made one with the optic style dark & light purple I would pee my pants.. Does anyone know if they have ever made these? I've seen some of the lavender ones..

    So if anyone sees one.. They should tell me :smile:
  2. All the purple coach bags I can think of have been light purple (the optic line with the bees and the lurex line with the silver C's). The only true purple I can think of would be the suede purses.

    There have been some light purple with dark purple C scarves though. You could tie one of those to your bags to tide you over till Coach actually comes out with that print on a purse? LOL!
  3. :p I could... And yes, I've seen those scarfs! Why can't they make a bag like that!
  4. LOL you should email Coach.com and suggest it! You never know ;)
  5. [​IMG][​IMG]Here are a couple of my purple Coachs , I feel your pain , Coach needs to make more colored bags like they did a couple of years ago
  6. There was a purple Nappa Tortilla a few years ago that's a beautiful mid-color purple...

  7. that had a bunch of the lavendar stuff at the outlet near me a couple months ago. not sure what the styles were casue i did not look at that section then. i just remember light purple bags.
  8. I have a plum signature wristlet that came out during the fall 2004 line. They had a whole collection of signature peices that was this deep rich purple and had suede trim. Most of them also had a cute suede tassel!

    Here is a pic.


    I really love this wristlet, because it has a wide suede bottom. They don't make them like this anymore!

  9. I have that same wristlet and I also have the matching Mini Skinny. I used to have the purple duffle but I gave it to one of my friends. I it also had the suede bottom and the cute purple tassle.
  10. This was one of my earlier bags:


    And how could I forget my Plum Ali??:
    plum ali.jpg
  11. I saw some lavender optic duffles at the outlet over the weekend.... purple is my favorite color but strangely enough, I haven't found a purple one that I love enough

  12. Very Nice taste in Bags ,I have the same one :smile:
    there is a pic father up in the page
    it is the one all the way to the right , I just noticed you can barely see the bag in that picture
  13. I love purple too! They should definately make more purple bags--- it's definately an understated color! I think all the bags above, especially the Ali are GORGEOUS! :drool:
  14. There are purple bags from earlier seasons. I have the purple mini sig duffle. I've also seen a deep purple Ergo bag from several years ago and a purple leather Chelsea tote that can both occasionally be found on eBay. There is a also a light purple Hampton's carryall that occasionally pops up.