Purple Coach Wallet

  1. Wow, thats pretty cool. It looks exactly like my wallet only in purple. Mine is brown.
  2. I love that purple
  3. That color is gorgeous....I don't think it's real, though. I'm probably wrong.
  4. I have a Coach satchel from about 4 years ago that is that color purple but the leather on my bag is a darker purple than that on the wallet. You can kind of see it in the pic of my collection. I can take a better pic tomorrow if anyone wants. It is a gorgeous color! :flowers:
  5. Yes, that purple is very nice. I agree that this particular item might not be legit, though. The fabric isn't centered perfectly (you can see the tops of the next row of Cs on one side of the bottom front, near the seam). That said, I love a nice, rich purple.
  6. I am pretty sure it is authentic....Coach is a great line but like everything else, not perfect. We saw that recently on another member's new bag. I have even seen LV patches that are a little "off-kilter" or the stitches are a bit "off" in a certain area. If you take any bag apart with a magnifying glass you will find something "off" in my opinion. But I have been wrong before and I will be wrong again I am sure ;)

    And yes, the purple things that Coach did make have all been beautiful.....it wasn't something they did alot of for a long period of time, I don't think. They have done more of the lighter purples (lavender) than these deep purples.
  7. oh yes, we did. hehe. (i'm still upset about that...)
    so...if the bags can be a little off, isn't it going to be harder to determine what's authentic and what may be a really good fake?
  8. The leather on it does look off, but I LOVE this color, I still want a bag from this line. I have a wallet that's a little lighter than this (found it in the outlet), their purple stuff is so pretty!! In the pic, it looks lighter than it is, but its the only pic (I actually stole it off of my collection thread, lol) I could get of it, all of my others are on my desktop and I'm on my laptop.