Purple coach small frame bag?

  1. Hi - about three years ago my daughter saw a sweet little frame bag in the Coach store and at the time, I thought she was too young to start collecting expensive bags. Well she is 17 now and has three Coach and two small LV bags to her name but has never forgotten about that cute little frame bag. It had a rhinestone buckle if I'm not mistaken. We just came from the Coach store today, exchanging the bag she got for Christmas, and the subject of the frame bag came up again. We searched on E-bay and found one or two, but not the abundance we thought we'd find and still, no purple bag. Where can I find that bag? It's roughly 3 or 4 seasons old. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. 3 years ago would be 12 seasons ago. It's probably a lost cause. Just keep searching eBay and hope it comes up.
  3. Hi!

    I have one.. But I cant part with it.. But here is the info that I have on it:

    Its #3582 and here's a pic of mine. I have no idea what the year it was, but its really cute and a lil on the smaller side. You cant even get a check book in it and its definatley a special occasion bag...


    Sorry for the bad pic... I lost my good one of it...
  4. I have seen the bag you are talking about on rare occasions on eBay. Just keep looking every couple of days or so and you will find it. Good luck! P.S. I love purple Coach bags...they need to make more! :tup:
  5. Here is the drilldown pic if that helps....

    I hope you can find it, it's adorable.

  6. Isn't that just the most DARLING Coach! I have never seen anything quite like it...Definately a KEEPER! scarlettemper;). I would put the Creed # on eBay's search list...So you'll be notified when one is listed...When you go into search...It'll ask you if you wish to "SAVE THIS SEARCH" if you hit that...It'll walk you into having emails sent you when it's listed...GOOD LUCK!
  7. I loved this bag that moment i laid my eyes on it. I was my first Coach and it make me smile :heart: (i just would like it to be more functional. I'd like to bring it out more :p )
  8. I LOVE that bag! I saw an all gray/silver one about 3 years ago at Nordstrom & fell in LOVE!! :heart::heart: Never did get it, but its adorable-Coach had some of the most adorable styles out around 2004/2005.
  9. Is it satin? if yes I think you are looking for the madison.
  10. O that is TOO precious. Darn this forum. Now there's another bag I love!
  11. Well, it was a solid colored bag. Perhaps I'm forgetting some of the details. I did see the black one on e-bay. I thought the bag was slightly deeper...4 inches or so, so that it looked more like a satchel. I agree a checkbook would not fit, but when you are 17 all you need is your little debit card! Thanks . . . I'll apply the model #3582 in future searches. For the person who replied "madison," I don't think that is the exact model, but thank you!
  12. This is adorable. Sometimes TJs gets these type bags (like someone else mentioned) so maybe keep checking there or Marshalls