Purple clutch for fall:MAC or Rendezvous?

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Purple clutch for fall:MAC or Rendezvous

  1. MAC

  2. Rendezvous

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  1. #1 Aug 14, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008
    I'm looking for a purple clutch, and can't decide on which one to get, the MAC or the Rendezvous. I'm good with either size, and I don't necessarily need a strap. I would probably use it for the day mostly, but may take it out at night. Decisions, decisions! Any thoughts/preferences? Thanks!
  2. I love the depth of color of my Purple Patent Rendezvous. It is stunning, and I believe it can be dressed up or down. Buy the Rendezvous. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
  3. I voted rendez-vous. I love the buckle detail and patent leather. The size will probably be better if you intend to use it during the day.
  4. i love the style of the rendezvous! So i'd say get that. BUT if you want a strap just incase- then you should get the MAC so you can use it from day to night since the strap is removable.
  5. ^^ ITA... I have the MA clutch, the Lex and the Rose and Im getting a rendezvous clutch soon! :yes:
  6. I vote rendezvous for you as you don't need the strap and I the details on it much better. I'll vote MAC for myself thou as I kept dropping things from my hands, clumpsy me :blush:
  7. PP Rendezvous all the way!!
  8. Rendezvous!!
  9. Rendezvous!!! You won't be sorry :tup:
  10. If you don't need a strap, definitely Rendevous - that bag is gorgeous in the purple patent! Plus, it's size is great for day use as it will hold a lot more than the MAC
  11. I normally NOT a fan of patent leather. In fact, I don't believe I currently have even one bag in patent. However, I think the rendezvous patent purple clutch is just lovely for some reason. The patent leather and color works so well with that design, so I vote for the renezvous!!!