Purple BV - anyone know???

  1. Does anyone know if the first bag will come in the dark purple on the left in the 2nd picture?

    thank you!
    bottega.JPG bottega2.JPG
  2. If you call Ana, the personal shopper at BV, she would know the answer.
    Her number and email is on their website.

    I really love that purple !
  3. not sure but I like that 1st bag alot!
  4. messengerbaglover...I think this is the bag that Jessica Simpson is carrying in the BV celeb section. If so, it is the dark purple color you were looking for! Check it out!
  5. I think they did. It was last fall season's color, therefore you'd have to contact Ana or call BV boutiques to see if they have any left. It's no longer in production in that color as it was a seasonal thing.
  6. ^^^agree with bella. Last fall I saw it in the store in purple (not a deep purple).
  7. crap, always late to the game. Ana's number is on the BV website? thanks!
  8. If it's any help, that bag you're looking for is called the Cervo Julie bag, and the purple is Parma.

    G'luck with trying with Ana!!
  9. The dark purple julie bag that you are looking for are in the January sale in BV London, too. 50% off. I got the taupe colour. Very soft leather and can carry lot of stuff. It's a lovely bag. You might be able to find the dark purple in any BV outlets.
  10. where are there outlets? thanks!
  11. I only know there is a BV outlet in The Mall near Florence, Italy and another one in US? Does anyone know any other BV outlets in the world?