purple bags


Mar 24, 2006
I see so many gorgeous purple bags! That is my all time favorite color and while I am still on the hunt for a larger berry zoe, what are your favorites? I'm going to spend a lot on this one, I don't care how much it costs as long as I can carry it on my shoulder. What are your favorites?


Mmmm Coach *nom nom*
Jan 29, 2009

I think any purple bag is a HG. Haha! Mine is the lilac Maggie because it's a pilot bag and extremely rare. I lucked out and found it at the outlet at the beginning of May. I also value my amethyst Sabrina because it was never actually released so it's even rarer than my Maggie. But I love all purple bags. Can't get enough! I'm waiting to get the lilac embossed Alexandra. That will probably be one of my ultimate purple bags.


May 2, 2006
My favorite bag EVER which also happens to be purple: Berry Patent Tribeca Tote! I can't rave about this bag enough. It's absolutely perfect. It's light, it's durable, it's easy/comfortable to carry, it holds a TON...for instance, I stayed overnight somewhere for a few days last week and ending up having to put a few extra things in my purse. Not only did I have my normal items (mini skinny, wristlet, sunglass case, eyeglass case, planner, iPod, keys, gum, lip balm, phone, etc) but also put in a small novel, my small make up bag, a reusable water bottle, and one of those little packs of candy bars. Still zipped. Yup...I do also have pretty awesome packing skills, I attribute them to playing too much Tetris as a kid.

I also had to throw extra stuff in there yesterday, so I had the normal stuff, a water bottle, a small sweater (for work), and a magazine. STILL. ZIPPED.

I could go on for days :girlsigh: