purple and taupe spy - can someone tell me more about it?

  1. hiya there

    there are only ever 3 spies which turned my head: the cognac with sequins, the silver (just acquired one), and.... the purple and taupe spy.

    (1) the leather on the purple/taupe spy seemed different to me, smaller grains rather than the bigger 'bubbles". are they made of the same leather as the usual bubbly one?

    (2) which season is it from?

    (3) where can i get one?

    thanks! ;)
  2. Liv Tyler has this spy combo - probably the only place to find it now would be eBay.
  3. thanks twinkle.... i was afraid that might be the answer, eBay.
  4. oooh baglady, that is the one....

    i like the pic of the bag in the middle of all those wine bottles and cats roaming around :smile:

    so it came out about a season or so after the spy made its debut? when i could not get the cognac sequins spy i turned away from spies totally. i wish i hadn't. otherwise, i would have see this one coming and would have loved it as much. nevermind. ebay is just a bit much for me at the moment. it is a very different place now compared to the earlier years. but i'll take a peak when i have the time.

    i really like your bag. does "acadia" means something?