Purple, ...and pink, ...and Chanel...OH MY! LOL! Come see my new P's!

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  1. they're heeeeerrrre! :nuts:

    FINALLY my 2.55 Purple Metallic Reissue(size "225") and my "Dusty Rose" Pink Timeless Classic Flap in the new glazed lambskin (size medium) arrived!!! :yahoo::wlae: :happydance: :party:

    I must thank abitobling for helping me acquire the pink timeless classic. THANK YOU MY DEAR!!!!!!!! :drinkup:

    ...I AM SOOOOO IN LOVE WITH BOTH OF THEM!!! Below are some photo that I took. The colors are pretty accurate IMO. And I took a photo of each next to the 2.55 black metallic from last season for size comparison. The new reissues are definitely more plump!

    What's cool to me is that the interior of the pink timeless classic is like the 2.55 bags! Yay! I love all the pockets!

    This is my first pink and purple bags ever and their colors are just absolutely STUNNING. The pink - I can see why Jill must have this in all sizes and shapes! LOL I think I might have to get the medium flap in the light pink too ...though I should already be on a ban like 5 handbags ago. But who's counting?? :whistle: :angel:
    chanel2.55purple225s.jpg chaneltimelesspinkmeds.jpg chanel2.55purple225s4.jpg chaneltimelesspinkmeds4.jpg chaneltimelesspinkmeds2.jpg
  2. a few more pics...
    chanel2.55purple225s2.jpg chanel2.55purple225s3.jpg chaneltimelesspinkmeds5.jpg chaneltimelesspinkmeds6.jpg
  3. ....oh yeah...

    i LOVE the smell of a new chanel! *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffffffff* aaaaahhhhh!
  4. Beautiful! Congratulations!!! The colors on those flaps are STUNNING!!! Would LOVE to see modeling pictures!!!
  5. will do modeling pics soon. i too am sick at home and am in my grunge clothes. :p
  6. Congrats!!! They are LOVELY!
  7. they are beautiful, congrats!!
  8. Congrats! I love the pink. Enjoy them both.
  9. ahh im SO jealous of the pink! i want one!!!!!!!
  10. congrats your pink and purple Chanels are amazing- i am seriously considering that pink flap...
  11. yes!! modeling pics pls........
  12. they are glorious!!! i love these pink chanels!!
  13. thanks ladies! :heart: i can't wait to take them out for a spin!

    i think everyone should get the pink flap. it's GOR-GEOUS!! the leather is super yummy to me. :p

    does chanel come out with pink flaps often??
  14. YAY!!!
    We r pink twins!LOL!

    Congrats!!!!Isnt the pink freaking TDF!!!!?????I have mine sitting across from me so I can stare at it...hehe..LOVES!
  15. :woohoo: ~ way to go *shopping*! ~ :heart: your reissues & the pink is absolutely TDF :love::drool::love: