Purple addiction!!

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  1. My sale items finally arrived but I can't decide which one to keep!!! The disco will be great for traveling and can fit more. The mini chain bag is like for a night out but seems more versatile Bc the strap is removable so it can double as a clutch or I can swap out the strap for something else. Its small andstill quite roomy though. I only plan to keep one since I don't need both in the same colors. Which one would you choose??!?! 😕😕

    First up..the disco

    Mini chain

    Side by side..
  2. Congrats both are lovely. I definitely like the disco more. Good luck deciding:smile:
  3. Congratulations on two beautiful purchases!!! I LOVE both of them, very pretty.
    I had my eye on the mini chain bag ... how would you say the purple color differs from the store photography in person? In your photos it almost takes on a periwinkle hue, but on Neiman's/Saks it looks like a much deeper, "grape" purple. Which one would you say is more accurate? TIA :smile:

  4. I would defn go with the disco! It looks stunning in that color!
  5. I would keep the one you would get the most use from. Both are great purses.
  6. I love both ... beautiful
  7. Loving them both! Color is spectacular.
  8. The color is beautiful! Gucci really nailed the purple!
    The mini chain is really awesome but it seems you will use the Disco more. I'd get whichever one you'll get the most use out of. ;)
  9. Lovely color
  10. Disco ;)
  11. Hi. The color varies slightly under the light. When it's dark it's more of a grape. The pics I took was under bright light (not flash) so it's more of a periwinkle. I'll try to take some pictures tonight with and without flash so you can take a look. Either way it's a really nice purple. I've been waiting for a long time for Gucci to release a purple shade.
  12. Thanks everyone!! I can't wait to decide and use her!! 💖👍👍

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  13. I think the disco is more versatile since it can fit more. But it's up to you!
  14. Here it is with out flash

    With flash

    It's definitely bluish purple whereas the pic on neiman is purple purple if know what I mean.
  15. Thanks so much for the extra pictures Tweetie1288!! I really appreciate you taking the time.

    Your photos are definitely showcasing a beautiful blue-purple. It's so rich! The color of royalty hehe. I prefer the blue-purple over the purple purple ;) It's really lovely! Thanks again and enjoy your new bag!

    Btw, I think you would get more use out of the disco :smile:
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