1. I know a lot of you love mineral makeup as much as I do! I came across purminerals while searching for some other brands to try. Have any of you tried it? Specifically, the 4 in 1 pressed foundation? What has your experience been?
  2. not enough yellow undertone shades (if any actually)
  3. What I like about PurMinerals is that it's pressed, so no mess. I like their split pan cuz I get 2 shades and I can blend the colors for a darker or lighter shade depending on the season.
  4. I use PurMinerals blush and concealer. I've ordered the 4-in1 before but the color was just too light on me. Like someone previously said, there's not enought yellow in the powder.
  5. I actually like it very well. It did not accentuate my pores like BE and was really quite easy and best of all no mess. Their website has plenty of shades and I have seen some with yellow undertones as well as cool.
  6. I haven't tried Pur.. but I've seen their website and I am really interested to try the translucent loose mineral foundation.

    From all the mineral brands, I tried only Ciel Minerals (www.cielminerals.com). It's pretty good, doesn't give a negative reaction to my skin, doesn't clogged my pores (I have super oily skin). I haven't tried BE, EM, Alima, etc.
  7. The lightest shade was TOO dark for me and it made my skin itch (where I placed it for color testing). If a pressed mineral makeup is what you're looking for, try La Bella Donna. I came across them by accident and use the pressed foundation. HTH
  8. I've been using PM for years now and really like the 4 in 1. In the summer I use medium and in the winter I use the light/med split pan.
  9. The 4-in-one has great coverage and its not messy, I really liked it.
  10. I have only tried their mascara and I LOVE it!! I have been using it faithfully for the last 2 months.