Purfume KeyRing?

  1. 897a_1.jpg
  2. i hope it is . . . cuz it is adorable.

  3. Good find mightmousiest! That sounds like it might be the same thing... the image doesn't show up for me either. :sad:
  4. The keyfob is real, and it comes in a lanyard style as well....
  5. i don't think it's exactly smart to put that on a keychain...maybe that's just me. but it looks like a perfect size.

    ...only saw the large bottle, the purse size, and the solid one at the store...hmph.
  6. Maybe its just me...but I don't think it CONTAINS the perfume...I just think its meant to be cute like when they have the enamel satchel keyfobs.... The description says its lucite....thats normally solid when I see it.
  7. oooh. that makes sense. :p

    okay, back to my paper...
  8. I love that keychain! So cute.
    But I really don't think I should be adding more to my, already, really long wishlist that I've sent out from coach.com.
  9. How cute is that!
  10. If its authentic, I want it! Too cute!
  11. Yes,I saw it earlier in the flagship COACH store in NYC
  12. that is really cute!!!!
  13. Ooooh I want one too!!
  14. It is cute.