Pureology Smoothing Elixir

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  1. This is awesome stuff! I got a decent sample sized packet of Pureology Smoothing Elixir from Trade Secret. (its a pretty big packet, good for 2 or 3 uses.) I have pretty wavy hair that I straighten often, so it's very rare to find a product that actually hydrates the hair and doesn't leave the ends still feeling dry. (My split ends actually feel very soft and healthy.) This is my first Pureology product, I'm wondering if they all work awesome. I won't be purchasing the matching shampoo & conditioner only because I already use great shampoo & conditioner, but this leave in is awesome! I'm definitely gonna buy the full sized product and use it when i flat iron my hair....it makes my hair look healthy looking, like it still has life in it......usually with other products when i straighten my hair, my hair will look like it just got the life sucked out of it, the ends especially. For leave ins, I've tried every brand out there.....everything in the drugstore/grocery store, Frederic Fekkai, Biosilk, Morrocan Oil, a million other products, this is better!!
  2. Thanks for the review- I have thick wavy/curly hair and still haven't found a great smoothing serum/cream to use with flat iron- I will definitely give this a try. I have used Pureology shampoo and conditioner in the past and loved them; so not a stretch that this is great too :0
  3. thank you for the review, I need to look into this