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  1. hello everyone!
    i'm new and am so delightfully thrilled to find bag lovers in one setting!!

    does anyone know if bags from puremoda.com are authentic? i found the fendi camel tote that i have wanted years back and upon seeing it again, i fell in love again. http://www.puremoda.com/product/Z_FF_8BR091_CAMLEATH

    simple, but it's beige! i'm a beige girl.

    please advise!!

    and happy easter yall!
  2. If you open the search bar and type that name in-you'll find all kinds of comments/threads about it being a store that sells fakes. Sorry! :confused1:
  3. I would not, but that is a personal opinion...

    #1 being way to little mula for that bag,
    #2 no reviews or feedback from previous buyers; at least I don't see one
    #3 return request turn-around is way too short.... 3 days notice (It is hard to get things verified or authenticated in 3 days).
    If they say 30 days for returns, that will show me confidence in the seller!

    And if there is a chance of purchasing a fake, even at $230, the seller still made way more than he should have and for the buyer, it is completely not a sale at all because it is fake.
  4. Try the fendi forum but i believe there was a previous thread about this. You'll get more replies from there.

    For authentic fendi: try www.jomashop.com. The fendi experts have sworn they are 100% authentic.
  5. There is thread in the TPF that lists all the websites that sell fakes and puremoda is one of them.
  6. You're not allowed to ask this question. I've already reported this thread to a mod for them to close.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.