Purely based on COLOR and nothing else, perle or noisette????

  1. Which do you like better, I'm torn! I love both and the perle and noisette but I don't own a single white bag, not that perle is "white" but.....I'm kinda drawn to it, does anyone own perle, do you love it or wish you never got it? I'm trying to make my final decision on my Reade PM purchase.
  2. I prefer perle
  3. Based on colour only..I'll go for Perle:love:
  4. Perle is absolutely gorgeous and would be stunning in the Reade....
  5. I love Noisette. I own Noisette.
  6. noisette
  7. Perle :love:! i have the Perle Bedford and it's one of the most whimsically beautiful bags i've ever seen :lol:
  8. Perle!
  9. perle..
  10. I love perle!
  11. I love the Perle, I am terrified of it, but I Luuuurves it anyway. Noisette looks very elegant & nice too.
  12. Perle!
  13. Yeah, I do LOVE the way your bedford looks on you! this is what's making me second guess colors b/c it looks SO good on you and we seem to have similar hair and coloring....
  14. I love both but I think I would choose perle.
  15. white everything. perle is gorgeous. i want perle everything. well really, a perle cles would be fine. and a perle 4-key cles too. everything else is too femm. haha. i COULD pull off a brentwood or ludlow though.