Pure Alhambra

Oct 13, 2008
To me, Pure Alhambra is aesthetically more appealing and of higher quality. But I don't want to make a purchase that I would regret.... It seems safer to join the crowd....

The quality is the same as vintage Alhambra. There are fewer stones to choose from, however.
If you love the piece you won't regret it and there is no reason to just " join the crowd".
Beauty is subjective and this jewelry is very expensive. You should buy/ collect what sings to you not merely what's popular.


Jun 4, 2010
I’m surprised there aren’t more people that love Pure Alhambra. I just purchased my first VCA, the pure Alhambra diamond white gold ring. It’s the perfect size. It’s in between the Sweets and Vintage. I thought I was going to purchase the Vintage but the pure lines without the beading really spoke to me. I find myself wanting the matching earrings and vintage Alhambra pendant and bracelet. This is never ending!!!
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Oct 19, 2008
I like the Pure Alhambra line, but not more than the Vintage. Pure Alhambra is significantly more expensive than the Vintage and the Vintage already is quite expensive. So that’s probably a significant factor why it’s not more popular.

I think the Pure line is more difficult and time consuming manufacture.
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BV nut
Jan 12, 2007
I love Pure (I have a Gray MOP bracelet) and agree that cost is probably the reason, as well as the fact that VCA doesn’t offer enough variations in the line. They’ve stopped producing Gray MOP I think, so you’ll only see diamond, MOP and Onyx as options, and that’s if you ask to see the pieces!

They’ve almost made the line limited by not displaying them. Over the last 5 years I’ve rarely seen them on display in the U.S. Other countries seem to carry or display a wider variety of lines. Just my observations!


Jun 4, 2010
I think I made a mistake with the Pure ring and should’ve went for the Vintage. Sometimes, I cannot see the clover design, as if it gets lost somehow depending on how I have my hand/finger positioned. It’s still beautiful but I think the Vintage would have been more satisfying for me.

I’ve changed my mind about the Pure earrings and think the Sweet or Vintage earrings would work better for me.

A few weeks ago the SA told me that the Pure is discontinued. After whatever is in stock sells, that’s it.


VCA bb
May 5, 2010
I have a friend that just bought a pure single motif pendant. I never paid attention to the Pure line but it is STUNNING IRL. I love it more than almost any vintage piece I own. I can’t really justify a 9 motif necklace. Bummer.