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  1. I was wondering can you purchase items over the phone through Hermes and have them shipped to you (like an agenda, wallet, etc.)?
  2. I had a scarf shipped from America from the Neiman Marcus store at King of Prussia Mall. Did have to pay duty etc but arrived really quickly. I spoke to the Hermes store at KoP as well and they would have shipped if they had the design I was after. Not sure about leather - can you get your local store to get them to transfer the colour and style you want (they should be able to check their computer if there are any on the system)
  3. The store closest to me is 4 hours away :sad:..... I really want a Ulysse Notebook MM in Black!!!
  4. You should be able to get one sent to you. Again, depends upon the store. You will probably want to reach out to fellow TX tpfrs. They will beable to link you to a store that is at least in your state!
  5. What do you mean link me to a store?... Like the one in Houston... Should I just try calling them and see what they tell me?
  6. I live miles away from an H store!!! So most of my purchases are done over the phone!!!!
    I have a good rapport with one or two stores, and they will happily send and scarves and small leather goods.
    They def wont send out bags, because of the insurance costs, but everything else ,they are more than happy.
  7. Thank you so much for all of you responses I will give the H store in Houston a call as soon as I get home!!! :smile:
  8. Thank you so much for all of you responses I will give the H store in Houston a call as soon as I get home!!! :smile:
  9. Hello, I call Hermes and find what I want and then they ship it to me...Call Madison Ave...or any Hermes store they do this all the time..Just know what you are looking for ahead of time...Good luck!
  10. maybe try to call at a non rush hour time. they will prob. be more apt to help you out and also friendlier. good luck!
  11. I have had several things shipped to me from one of the boutiques that I work with. They should be willing to ship you a small leather item. Good luck!!
  12. Isn't it on the website?
  13. It's on the website but they only have it in Gold and Anise Green, and I really want black thanks for answering though. I just ordered my Black Ulysse Notebook MM by phone call to the Dallas Hermes. It should be here on Tuesday. This will be my first (leather) Hermes purchase. My only other purchase was a bottle of Vetiver Tonka and an Hermessence sample pack with four .5 fl oz. mini bottles. I hope to expand my collection soon!!!
  14. Congrats Killbillrox! Black H is always classic and lovely! :yes: