Purchasing Travel Online: Any Experts

  1. Hey all,

    I've done some online travel purchasing in the past (including using Hotwire because I didn't care about flight time and it saved me $75 each ticket).
    I'm wondering though...does anyone have tips & tricks for online travel? I've heard rumors to check on Wednesday mornings for cheap deals....wait until about 21 days prior to travel, etc.

    What works for you? How do you get great travel deals?
    Websites you like more than others? Why?
  2. Hubby and I just used Hotels.com to book a trip to Kauai in May. It was SO easy to use and what was great about it was that we were also able to book the flight at the same time ... no multiple websites or phone calls. And they had a lot of packages to choose from as well.
  3. Twiggers, I book all vacations for me and for my family members online, if you have any questions, you can PM me.

    I've had lots of luck with ww.expedia.com they're pretty fair with prices, and I've never had any bad experiences with them.

    We just booked our family vacation through Liberty Travel. They were very nice. The website is easy to navigate.

    I absolutely love love love Cheap Airfare, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals - Kayak.com to monitor airline prices. They pull their numbers from almost every airline and discount website. It's good for tracking trends.

    You can also sign up for various airlines' email alerts. They'll send you alerts of when they're having sales (usually Wednesdays and Thursdays are when sales starts from what I've seen). If you're traveling abroad British Airways was just having a great sale, but I believe it ended yesterday.

    You can also check on Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, vacation and travel packages - TripAdvisor for hotel reviews and all that jazz.
  4. I search on expedia, find flights then check with the actual airline to see if it is cheaper. sometimes it is somtimes it isn't.

    Sometimes if you go directly to the hotel or airline's websites they'll have specials and promotions. If those don't work I find that expedia has good deals when you book hotel, air, and car all at once.
  5. Thanks all!
  6. I like orbitz they are very friendly. They aren't as stingy when it comes to refunding or giving back differences if the price drops later on. But as far as when to get the actual hotel, I noticed the later you wait the better the deals get.
  7. Try kayak.com They compare all ticket prices and you can find a great deal there.

    I fly a TON, but haven't really ever learned proper rhyme or reason to pricing- I got a ticket to Ft Lauderdale 3 days before I came here for $150, which is unheard of. It just depends I think.

    If you have flexible travel dates- don't try to fly in or leave on a Fri, Sat, Sun- those days are usually more expensive.

    And about waiting.... sometimes I wait and I get a good deal, sometimes I wait and get screwed! Just depends!

    Good luck :smile:
  8. I agree- kayak.com is the best because it searches all the travel sites and once and you can put in multiple criteria such as dates and surrounding airports! Best site ever!
  9. You can get REALLY good deals on Expedia on Friday/Saturday nights.
  10. Thanks everyone!
    Thanks Megs for the info!

    If prices do decrease...will someone like Expedia actually refund the difference?
  11. i went to dallas once. there was a little tornado. it was scary. lol. randomness.
  12. If you use Priceline, make sure to go to biddingfortravel.com for some helpful hints.
  13. I've used expedia with good results but I lOve JetBlue!! I always try to fly blue and i do eveything online