purchasing tassels for my used Bbag

  1. Does anyone know where to purchase extra tassels for a Bbag I am planning to recieve through eBay? the bag is missing the outside tassels so i was wondering if anyone knew where i could purchase them.

  2. Call Bal NY...they will sell them to you.
  3. 'm probably about to embarrass myself..but what is Bal NY? and how do i call them?
  4. That is Balenciaga, the NYC Boutique (212) 206-0872...I wouldn't say you bought the bag on eBay...not sure if they will still sell them to you. Just tell them you're looking to purchase some extra tassels as you are missing them from your bag.
  5. thank u sooooooo much !!!!!!
  6. No problem! Let us know how you make out!