Purchasing Prada Handbag

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  1. http://classyluxuryhandbags.com/sub_dept.asp?DeptID=14

    is this prada bag authentic?


    if not, where can I buy this bag from a trusted website?

    I can't find this style in e-luxury etc...is this a last season bag?

    thanks, its my first time purchasing a prada bag, its a gift for someone but i dont want to buy something fake.

    any help would be greatly apprecriated.

    thanks, callisto
  2. This should be in the "Authenticate This" thread, but the bag is fake and the site is a ripoff. Sorry...
  3. PP, Have you heard of eurobella.com?
  4. thank you for your reply, sorry i'm new to this forum, and didn't see the authenticate thread. Is eurobella.com a trusted website?

    thanks, jessie
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.