Purchasing on Gucci.com

  1. I am looking to purchase my first Gucci bag and found a really cute one on sale at Gucci.com. Are they good/easy to order from? Anything I need to know or any good tips? I do not have a gucci retailer near me so I would have to order on here, nm or Saks. TIA!
  2. I don't know about the US site but I have had no trouble from the European. It's very easy to order and the items are very well packaged :yes:
  3. I ordered my latest bag on gucci.com through the sale. No problems at all. If I remember correctly, I ordered in on Sunday and it was at my door by the end of the week in perfect condition.
  4. I've ordered 3 in the past couple of years on Gucci.com and I've never had any problems.