Purchasing my first MJ. Advice is welcome.

  1. This won't just be my first MJ, but also my first "investment" bag. As it's my first I'm looking for something classic in a neutral color, preferably not black. I've been looking at (drooling over) the Blake in Cocoa. However, I am open to other suggestions and ideas.

    Also, I live in NYC -- where should I go to see and feel the best selection?
  2. If I were you, I'd head over to the MJ boutique on Mercer and try on a few different styles. The Blake style is very versatile and an excellent choice for a first bag. But since you are new to MJ, you may want to see if you prefer something with longer handles, different pockets, and so forth. Enjoy your shopping!!
  3. The Blake is a great bag! It is very classic and versatile, as it is a great shoulder bag and looks great handheld.

    My personal favorite is the Venetia. It is so sophisticated and classic. However, it's not for everyone since it's more of a handheld bag and some people are bothered by the middle strap.

    Definitely check out lots of different styles to find the best one for you. Happy shopping!
  4. I agree, the Blake is a great bag. I have it in Emerald and LOVE it. It is a great classic bag that is not as trendy as some of his other bags. I would check out other styles as well, only to make sure that the size of the Blake fits you best. Good luck and keep us updated!
  5. Blake I think would be a great choice for your first MJ though I would have to say otherwise :p. My first MJ was large MP and for first time MJ, that bag fit me very well. It's very roomy, casual, and versatile. I saw MP in cocoa and it's very cute! I don't know if this color can still be found. I agree with bag-addict. I think you should just head to the MJ boutique and take a look at all different MJ bags. Try them on and see how you feel about it. I think for current season colors, natural and lavendar are very cute!
  6. I agree, blake and MP are both very good choice for the first MJ purchase, because they are very practical. however, i think venetia is also a classic design, dont forget louis vuitton manhattan is using the same design.
  7. The Blake is a beautiful classic bag. Why not go to the Marc Jacobs store? IMO they always have the best selection. In midtown, Saks has a few, Bloomingdales has a somewhat decent selection of the mid-range bags, and Bergdorfs has a good collection of the higher end bags.

    I don't really wear MJ anymore but when I was collecting, that is where I would look. I had the best luck at the Marc Jacobs store usually. Better colors and items that were not in the department stores.
  8. the MP is a great bag! check it out!
  9. agree with ltbag, the MJ boutique carries bags and colors that are exclusive to the boutiques. I'd only buy at the dept store if they had a particular bag that I liked on sale.
  10. Congrats on deciding to purchase your first MJ! I definitely think that the Blake, Venetia, or MP are great staple, classic bags. I think that the color you mentioned, Cocoa, is a great neutral. If I had to pick, I would choose the Venetia. Good luck!
  11. Hey there,
    If you love the cocoa blake, then it seems to me that might be the bag for you!:yes:

    My first MJ was a black venetia, and I love it! I have since acquired many more (because they are addictive!) but the venetia is a great classic bag. I think the Blake is a great classic too.:heart:
  12. Congrats on you!