Purchasing My First LV Bag

  1. My mom loves LV and shes gonna buy me one for Christmas and she keeps asking me which 1 i want but i really cant decide.


    I would like a shoulder or cross the body bag but i hate hand held bags.

  2. Do you have ideas about what line--monogram, damier, epi, etc you'd like for your bag? Let me go look now for you...
    Nice mommy you have :yes:
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]Since I assume you are young, I would think you would not want a bigger bag.
    Here are some cute monogram ones for you to look at.
    If I'm on the wrong track, I'll check out larger ones.
    Let me know....
  4. [​IMG]
  5. yes im only 14...

    but damier
    that new damier azul looks nice =]
  6. Damier Salsa :smile:
  7. Another vote for the Trotteur! So unfussy, and you can fit tons in it.. well, at least I can since I'm not a take-everything-along kind of person.

  8. Damier Rift
  9. Damier Azur pochette acessoires or Noe are your shoulder bag options.
    You have good taste.:heart: These bags are beautiful!
    There are more options right now in the regular Damier line for you to choose from though.