Purchasing my first Louis Vuitton handbag

  1. I would love your opinions. The only LV items I own are the PTE Tresor Int. Epi wallet in black and the PTE Epi card holder in black. I really like all things Epi leather, when it comes to Louis Vuitton.
    I want to purchase my first handbag and I would like something that could take me into the evening-I really don't have a nice bag to wear at night. Which of these bags do you like, or do you recommend anything else? Thanks for your help:
  2. And not necessarily the colors shown in the pictures- I was thinking black.
  3. The Jasmin is lovely :love:
    Or the Ségur PM? Not to forget Speedy, Alma and Pochette. The Speedy looks gorgeous in EPI.
  4. Sufflot, Jasmin, Bucket, or the Croisette.
  5. Thank you- I'll check those out-I do think that I'd like a purse that can fit over my shoulder though- I like to have my hands free!
  6. I love the mandara--it can go on your shoulder or across the body...
  7. of those that u posted, i like the honfleur! very elegant!
  8. i like the first one best, but i don't know if it would be big enough for a day bag. the shape is really elegant though. :smile:
  9. go with the honfleur. i've always wanted to get one as i feel its so practical

    you can remove the straps as well and use as a clutch if you want to
    and it has card slots for you to fit your credit cards/id when you go out at night and don't want to carry a wallet.

    its very versatile and great for day/night use