Purchasing my first Bbag!!! Help?

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  1. So after much research I have decided to purchase my firt Bbag!!!!:yahoo: I am going to get a PT in black!! Now for you experts, I was thinking of calling the NM near me, im in San Diego/ Orange Co. CA area. But I dont know if its better to just contact BalNy and have them ship me one? Any suggestions? This is my first time buying such a rarity, my biggest purse purchase to date is an IF Kathleen ($600), which I love. But the Bal is over $1100, and I never thought my husband would get it for me but he said I could and I want to order it ASAP!
  2. I think you should call Bal NY and see if they have one. If you get it from them, you don't have to pay for tax!!
  3. Thanks, that was what I was thinking. Im sure it would cost less to ship insured than California tax! I have never ordered a bag from a botique before to be shipped though so im not sure all the details?
  4. congrats! i agree about the balny thing! they are great and no tax is awesome! you will be addicted...everyone here warned me but i really didnt realize how bad the bbag bug is! (make sure to ask balny to send you one with the thickest leather!) dont forget to post pics!
  5. Somebody said Bob Ellis had a black PT 30% off. I think I saw that on the RH PT thread.
  6. Glimmer, I know this sounds stupid but what thread? RH PT? Nevermind... Found it!
  7. If you order from BalNY there is no tax and the shipping is free. Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach now carried BBags. You might want to check there.
  8. Thanks Kirsten. I guess it seems like I should order it, its probably easier plus no tax. I can call NM but it seems to me it would be better to order from BalNY
  9. Hey ... just one word of caution - BalNY doesn't have a good return policy ... it's return for store credit only and it has to be within 10 days of purchase!
  10. If the bag style and color you want is in the shop that is near you, I think you should go there and personally choose. BBags are notorious for having different leather qualities and actually seeing and touching the bag you will purchase will ensure that you will get the bag that you really want.
  11. Jenni, the other thing is that I'd highly recommend trying the PT on in person. I sort of think it can be a hard style to pull off since it's so wide. I personally love it but if you can go to NM and at least play with the different styles, you definitely should do so!
  12. What did u decide on? I like NM if u have one nearby bec. then u can see it in person... and their return policay is awesome!

    But if u go with Balny you can save money....
  13. I went to the NM in San DIego on Sunday and they had a PT in truffle, which was lovely! It is just that the last purse I bought was a similar color and I really need black. I really like the pt. Plus im not petite.. im 5'8 140... So im not worried about it looking too big!