Purchasing LVs from ebay

  1. I never bought any LVs from ebay (or any other online source) before, only from the boutique directly. But recently I'm interested in some discontinued or limited edition items that are no longer available from the boutique, so online is the only source... :sad:

    Any advise or precautions that I need to take into consideration for buying online? Also, I do not have an ebay and paypal account so what other options of paying method do I have? And what are the pros and cons? If I do not pay with paypal, am I not protected and is it secure?

    Oh, I really need to get these figured out before proceeding further in any transaction, don't want to get cheated... :shame: Thank you so much for any inputs..! :flowers:
  2. Well first of all you need an eBay account in order to buy from eBay...and I really suggest opening a PayPal account just because it's more secure and you can dispute the payment if you do not receive an item, or if you receive a fake, etc. It's also more convenient because you can use Money Order/Personal Cheques but I've never and will never use those methods because they're harder to track down and there is no buyer protection the eBay gives you for those methods (I believe this is so.)

    Get members from the board to authenticate items before you purchase (post in the Authenticate This! thread) and always check the seller's feedback for past history of LV sales, possible fakes, etc. Don't buy discontinued items from any other online source other than eBay, chances are, they're fake, especially if they have lots in stock.

    That's all I can think of right now, but there are a LOT more precautions you should take before buying any LV on eBay!
  3. Oh, thank you so much..! I've did some research on authenticating the bags. Also check out the "Authenticate It" thread often. ;) Surely will need some help from the experts here..! Also, I already had some sellers in mind that most PFers highly recommend... :P

    Now the main concern is the paying method, I guess... Need to research more on different paying methods and the pros and cons of each and how much I will be protected.
  4. Here are my tips (I am currently doing the same thing that you want to do):
    1. Open your ebay account
    2. Open a paypal account. Register a credit card with the paypal account. This will mean your address is confirmed. Most good sellers won't ship unless your address is confirmed. Always pay by credit card! That way if something goes wrong you get your money back!
    3. Check out sellers who are MPRS or ALVA.
    4. No matter who they are always have someone here authenticate it.
    5. Once you receive it, immediately take pics and post them here on the authenticate thread. This is just to make sure the seller sent you the real deal!

    Good luck....there are great sellers on ebay and great deals to be had!
  5. Thanks for the tips..! I'm currently reading the help section on ebay... :shame:

    Off-topic but just out of curiosity, what are you planning to get from ebay..? :graucho: :P