Purchasing @ LV today - need advice ASAP! Pix included

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  1. So I finally narrowed down my purse choices (ok...not really, there still are 5! :wacko: ) for an LV shoulder bag. I am going in about 2-3 hours to LV, so I decided to get a quick opinion thread before I take the plunge! Here are my choices...in order of my bias..which one do YOU like and why??

    P.S. I am looking for a shoulder bag that I can wear for years... :love:

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  2. i'm partial because i own it, but the popincourt haut oe either the cabas piano. i don't believe the josephine fits on the shoulder.
  3. Oops...the last picture is supposed to be of THIS purse...

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  4. Wow! 1 and 3 first because they will always be a classic bag that will age well. 2 next because I love totes but if you aren't careful with it the bottom will look stained, make sure you leave it out get a patina first and then use. 4 then 5 if I were going to get a cloth bag LV wouldn't be my choice for the long haul. Enjoy shopping have fun and let us know how you make out.
  5. I like the Poppincourt Haut first b/c it's so chic yet so functional and allows your hands to be free...then it would be the 1st, that bag is just really growing on me! Good luck, happy shopping and post pics w/ your final decision! How fun!
  6. i only like the last one out of all... sorry
  7. I'd go with 2 or 3. #1 looks like it would be bulky under your arm.
  8. I'd go with #2 :smile:
  9. i love the cabas piano. it'll come home with me one day :biggrin:
  10. 1 or 5
  11. agreed
  12. OOOhh i like the multipi-cite. It a very large purse and good for everyday. get it get it get it!!!;)
  13. IMO #3 has the nicest lines.
  14. At first glance, I would choose the cabas piano for the reason of versatility. If you are a little more formal....go for the popincourt haute. I would end up choosing the cabas piano. ...I really love it.

    I just looked again - I would end up choosing the popin court haute in the end. Changed my mind - typical.:wacko:
  15. I would say either the Josephine or the Popincourt Haut. :smile: