Purchasing LV over the phone - Need help

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  1. I recently purchased a bag over the phone from a LV store out of state. She states that she cannot give me a tracking number on my order. I find that strange since I am the purchaser. Is what she doing part of the protocal? Any feelings?
  2. It's OK, I never get a tracking number either
  3. me neither..
  4. It's normal. If you're curious, you can always call the store and ask your SA to track the package for you.
  5. 866 actually tracked my last package for me, w/o connecting to my SA.
  6. I never received tracking number neither when ordering from LV store over the phone. Never had any problems.
  7. I actually asked for the tracking number once b/c my package was taking a really long time and the SA said that they were not allowed to give it out.
  8. I've never actually thought about asking for it, but I've never been given one either. All my phone orders are to an in state boutique, so they get here next day via fedex if I place the order in the morning, no need to track it.
  9. I have never ordered from the store over the phone but I do find that whatever I order, even if I do get a tracking #, I never track my stuff anyway, & it always gets here quickly.
  10. I've been told the same thing. But, whenever I order they sometimes say they'll call me right back with the confirmation and later with tracking info. But never do.
  11. out of state .. meaning i'm in Canada and can place phone order from the state? i never know is possible?!

    i need more info, will this way be cheaper and how much's shipping???
  12. Today LV told me that they don't give out tracking numbers!!! It is really stupid if you ask me! I ordered my Ursula on April 2nd and I still don't have it! I keep calling LV and they check into it and keep telling me it is on the truck for delivery. As of today they didn't even get back to me! It has been on the truck for delivery since last Thursday! And I live 10 min from fedex depot. If they would give me the tracking number I could get it figured out myself!! Sorry for the venting here, I am just going to lose my mind!!!
  13. ^^I'm so sorry bling! I've been anxiously awaiting that Ursala too! Not as much as you for sure but wow I can't wait!

    I got the riveting instead of the Rita this week cause I figured it would be more limited and I want both colors of Rita eventually.

    So I'm going to have to live brand new multicolore vicariously thru you this week!

    My hubby got his big bonus last week and it was twice his normal salary so I got my Vegas money ready to bring home some goodies!
  14. Update, MY SA in Toronto called and gave me my tracking number(I guess because I am having so much trouble with fedex).
    Tomorrow I am going to fedex to try and sort this mess out!
    There is an Urusla, Rita and marilyn on eBay right now with lots of pics. All 3 are black. (if anyone wants to see!!!)

  15. There is a thread in LV shopping that I posted the other day with all three auctions and I loaded photos onto tPF. Beverly's are also covered in that thread I think.
    I'm watching them! I'm hoping to swipe that Rita for under retail but I doubt it. lol